ENERGIZED - Full Video Class With Elena

ENERGIZED - Full Video Class With Elena


ENERGIZED is a yoga class that makes you feel warm from your core, and alive with energy!

The programme of this class with Elena is designed to improving your circulation, charge the body with energy, creating inner and outer strength and stability.

During this session, you will be guided through a sequence that will help you release your thoughts, bring full attention to your physical practice and create more joy, focus and stamina.


  • This practice features the relaxing sounds of drums as its soundtrack.

  • The practice is approximately 25 minutes long, in English, and is suitable for all levels of experience.

  • This practice is yours to keep, as you can download it and use it on any of your devices, on- and offline, at home and while traveling.



“Sparkling Yoga DVD with Elena Mironov is amazing on levels! Great variety of sequences, locations, cinematography, music all executed with exquisite and elegant instruction by Elena. Highly Recommend!!!”

-Travis Eliot

"A professionally filmed Yoga DVD with strong, empowering, flowing sequences. Smooth transitions invite a feeling of grace and elegance in the practice. Filmed in a beautiful setting and accompanied by heart warming music, this DVD is a pleasure to incorporate into one's practice. The effort, joy and devotion that has been put into this work truly shines through." 

-Yogrishi Vishvketu

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