Elena Mironov
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The only journey is the one within.
— Rainer Maria Rilke



I’m Elena.

I’m a Zürich-based expert yoga and meditation teacher, retreat facilitator and musician. Nice to meet you!

I’m here to help you feel healthy, happy and alive, and to remind you that you can start exactly where you are.

If you are a yoga or meditation teacher, I’m here to help you continue to grow on your teacher’s path.


Yoga Nidra

One of the areas I specialise in is Yoga nidra meditation. Yoga nidra means “yoga sleep”, and it’s a technique of conscious relaxation and the deepest form of rest. Yoga Nidra will help you transcend the worries and thoughts and dive into sweet delta-brainwave state where you can re-charge your nervous system, release stress and emerge renewed and rested. Embark on a journey of deep relaxation and re-connect with your true self.

If you are a yoga teacher and would like to learn to teach yoga nidra, get in touch to be the first to know when my new teacher training is announced!



Yoga and meditations retreats I create will take you to some of the most breathtaking places on this planet! While discovering the world, you will clear your mind, grow in your yoga and meditation practice, develop the motivation to keep up the best well-being habits to integrate into your daily life.

Check out the amazing retreat programmes and destinations I have prepared for you, and embark on a journey of inner transformation and clarity.



Music I compose is a perfect companion for a yoga- and meditation practice, as well as for any life situation where you’d like to stay calm and focused.

A blend of serene piano cascades with layers of strings will take you to a meditative place where calm prevails and where you can leave your day behind and be transported into a magic realm of sounds.

My music has been used in documentaries, on airplanes, during childbirth, during meditation and savasana, to fall asleep easily. I am curious to hear how you’ll choose to enjoy it!




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Look deep enough into any person and you will find something shining within. My job was to uncover this and, if the surface is fogged up, polish it with a cloth to make it shine again.
— Haruki Murakami